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Born 1984 in Santiago de Chile.

Director and Screenwriter.

Short Film (fiction and documentary), music video and audiovisual services.

My work consist in bring light to images that contains a message, a latent idea that needs to be deciphered and interpreted. I think of this of great importance, because it makes it a game. The search represent being playful, the interpretation represent freedom.

To do this, I use characters (real on fictional), places and facts. Trying to think about them in a simple and direct way, non artificial, without distractions or prejudices. A trip to the depth, always combining reality and narrative freedom, somewhere between prose and verse.

Between 2010 and 2013 I co found Claroscuro Producciones, independent film company placed in Valencia, Spain.

Currently living in Berlin.

For more details about my work take a look on the work page. Here is also my CV.